1. Motorway Mega Rears to communicate with road users in an ad-free environment during their work or holiday trips. Our Mega Rear is a unique 4m2 format installed on the back of trucks. Seen on average for more than 15 seconds by each passing individual, our Motorway Mega Rear product is an innovative medium that captures the attention of your audience and offers a high recall rate with a unique impact. Take a look at our Motorway Mega Rear section.

2. Adriver Car is an advertising model which can be modified extensively. Ideal for reaching audiences in cities and their suburbs, Adriver Car offers immersive experiences and customizable elements on different types of light vehicles and in different environments. It works especially well with the Mobads offer.

3. Datads specialises in OOH audience measurement and French mobility modelling and offers our clients tailor-made media solutions.
We offer advertisers and creative agencies data-driven, creative and innovative mobile advertising media with proven media performance from trusted third parties such as Ipsos, Happydemics and PTV. Our media reaches consumers where traditional, fixed media can't.
With our media, the road and the city become a new canvas for creative expression and for maximising the ROI of our clients' communications. Our expertise in mobility, data processing and analysis enables us to offer brands tailor-made campaigns, with real-time quantitative and qualitative monitoring.
With our media, you choose a different, effective solution. In addition to our innovative media, we have put in place tools to measure the effectiveness of advertising with us, before, during and after campaigns. Thanks to the optimisation algorithm developed by Adriver Group, the cross-referencing of mobility data and fleet journeys, we are able to predict the ideal area and period according to the budget and target and to estimate the campaign's likely performance.
Our campaigns can be tailored and scaled according to your objectives. Whether it's the medium, the duration or the complementary extensions (retargeting with Waze, Spotify, etc.), we adapt our rates to your needs. Depending on your objectives, we carry out predictive studies on the mobility of your target audience to help you optimise your campaigns.
Adriver is the first out-of-home (OOH), mobile and data-driven advertising network that leverages the backs of heavy goods vehicles to create high-impact regional and national ad campaigns, Motorway Mega Rears. Adriver offers a new way for brands to increase the impact of their advertising campaigns, from local to national.
  • Our Motorway Mega Rears stand out on ad-free motorways

  • Every display benefits from 100% head-on visibility

  • Motorists have at least 15 seconds to view each Mega Rear

  • We are more receptive to ads during down time

  • Drivers are naturally highly observant, making our media more likely to be remembered

  • Motorway Mega Rears achieve an ave. 60% recall rate
  • We work in partnership with hauliers. We enable haulage companies to generate additional revenue by using the rears of their vehicles as an advertising medium for brands. Aware of the challenges of freight optimisation and fleet management in the sector (1% of trailers are lost every year), Adriver reimburses road hauliers for their investment in trailer tracking. In addition, hauliers can offset their CO2 emissions through our partner TK'Blue - Global Climate Initiatives.
    Advertisers and agencies benefit from our data expertise for the deployment of qualified, measured OOH campaigns:

  • Pre-campaign: a study of your audience's mobility, evaluation of the level of investment required according to your objectives and performance prediction.

  • Post-campaign: Adriver Group teams produce qualified reports to measure the real impact of the campaign by integrating population flows and GPS data from vehicles.
  • Our first commitment is to our transport partners. Indeed, 85% of our fleet has signed up to the Target CO2 charter (to be achieved through eco-driving, energy efficiency, route optimisation, etc.) and no vehicle is chartered specifically for a campaign. We also create additional value for our partners by providing them with additional revenue, complementary services and support for their CSR initiatives.
    Our commitment is also civic-minded as we support SMEs and we participate financially in the implementation of pro bono campaigns.